Level 7 Psychology Workshops

Two Day Immersion Workshops: Up to 30 per Corporate group

Especially designed for those who are expected to lead from the front, these two-day workshops will thoroughly immerse participants in all aspects of what breeds resilience in themselves and those who rely on their presence. Covering all aspects of body and brain vitality, the workshop shows:

  • how health is measured and best managed,
  • the value of movement in a sedentary world,
  • the correct ways of fuelling mind and body to build vitality,
  • the startling science of motivating others,
  • the contribution of social networking to building lifetime resilience and connectedness,
  • managing the strains of modern life on deficit time and energy,
  • self-defense against the stresses of the modern world including the science of happiness and work and positivity at home.

By the time the workshop is over, most participants are galvanized to change their lifestyles in the many small ways that make a huge difference, and lead to healthier and more energized lives, and more importantly, how to influence others to improve productivity and vital engagement in both family and workplace settings.

Finding Purpose: Half day or full day up to 60 per group: best drawn from the same corporate department as well as suitable for team building, changes of mindset in corporations, dealing with adverse economic or social conditions

This workshop charts the non-conscious emotional biases of participants, helping them shine the light on what emotions will best drive their purpose in life in the most sustainable way.  Participants will learn:

  • how to enjoy the sense of autonomy that driving one’s own life brings,
  • enhancing the sense of mastery that comes from getting better and better at what matters to each, and
  • the emotional drivers of purpose that get us all up and keen on mornings when the going is tough, particularly in the climate of global financial strife.

Coaching Emotion for Executives and Sales People: Half or full day Corporate workshop

Each person you work with needs to feel that they have been heard and understood. Reflexive and effective listening is a vanishing skill in today’s virtual reality world of emails, Twitter and Facebook. Dr Sugarman teaches a simple approach that imparts the basic skills of the effective listener, enhancing trust and empathy when confronting strangers and familiars alike. These interviewing skills enhance a deep sense of having been heard and help both participants on these conversations understand each other clearly, avoid confrontation, disengagement, and increase the chances of successful human capital management and vital engagement.

Coaching Emotion for Coaches: Half day Coaching workshop

When emotions and thoughts dominate they intrude on an athlete’s mindset and act as a form of motoric interference, creating errors that invade mechanical activity at critical moments. Although athletes and coaches spend extra time often futilely trying to eliminate these mechanical errors, repeating only the standard solutions they know well, emotion-based interventions exist to remove these errors and bring athletes back into ‘the zone’.

Using case histories, this half day workshop introduces coaches to “The Hecht Effect”, designed by Steve Hecht, a professional baseball player and now professional coach. The audience is introduced to the psychological concept of Flow; where the athlete is able to trust that the body has wisdom and that the motor systems can respond to emotion-based learning. Adding more mechanical work often fails to address the issue that emotion-centered work can correct.

Happiness at Work; Positivity at Home: One day Corporate workshop - up to 100 in a group

Drawing on the work of Jessica Pryce-Jones and her colleagues and the emergent science of the last decade of Positive Psychology, Dr Sugarman demonstrates the way this research can be utilized in practical ways to build resilience in workers in all kinds of industry, enhancing their performance in both work and home life. Resilience training includes references to the body brain boosters described in the 2-day immersion workshops and helps create continuity between manager and staff in how they view vitality/wellbeing.

Vitality; building Body Brain Resilience: One day Corporate workshop - up to 100 in a group

In this companion to the Happiness at Work: Positivity at Home, Dr Sugarman introduces 6 aspects of lifestyle that underpin vitality and resilience. This workshop is aligned with the executive immersion workshops and thus creates a scalable continuity with executive initiatives. The workshop shows how to support engagement and retention of staff in healthy behavior changes, imparting the wisdom of the small steps, which have a large impact on health.

Most of us find it hard to adapt to change, make healthy behavior adaptations within our lifestyles, and struggle to find time and opportunity to become more resilient. We learn here that the multiple small things which make a big difference do help us adopt healthier behaviors, rather than just comply with diets and medication, body-damaging gym interventions, and poor recovery routines. Drawing on lessons learned during the training of peak athletes, the workshop supports company initiatives to drive greater productivity and wellbeing.

Lunch and Learn Topics: One hour Corporate workshops, no maximum audience

  • What to do when you can do nothing:Working with difficult people
  • 10 things you can do to preserve your wellbeing and breed resilience
  • Weeds and Flowers: dealing with negatives and creating positives in daily life
  • 6 small things that make a big difference: coping with 21st Century life

Engaging and Retaining Clients in Healthy Behavior Change: One day workshop, 25 to a group, Professional Trainers

This workshop, drawing on the book of the same name, instructs personal trainers on the science of engaging and maintaining clients in healthy behavior change. Often described as one of the most adversarial experiences, most health clubs appear to lose 3 clients for each one they retain owing to the impact of the current styles of personal training.

The workshop provides simple interventions, which help engage and retain the clients across time, and at the same time the philosophy of client-centered training is presented. Professional Trainers are shown that they are just visiting the lives of the client, who is living a full life outside of gym that often does not support what they are trying to achieve with the trainer. A specific approach is taught in a hands-on workshop, which addresses the professional role of the trainer while keeping the entire process client centered along with the philosophy that the client is the expert in themselves and how they change.