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Saving your life one day at a time: Seven ways to survive the modern world

My philosophy is that small things you do each day can make a huge difference to your overall capacity to live well and healthily. This leads me to an Integrated Approach to life which is embodied in my latest book, "Saving your life one day at a time: Seven ways to survive the modern world".

Given that we are ancient bodies trying to thrive in a modern world, an integrated approach means that we can combine a lot of strategies from different disciplines to affect a great outcome. Just as shining light on a prism produces a seven-part rainbow, so my book explores seven strategies you can use to optimise yourself and be the best you can be, a peak performer in fact, an everyday athlete.

The pot of gold at the end is the best version of yourself that you can achieve without onerous lifestyle changes that are hard to manage.  Hey, change is hard, so why land up failing by trying the impossible?

 What I demonstrate in this book is that science has given us the answers to what is most likely to work, and what is easy to achieve. If you don’t read this and start today, will you be happy in a year from now that you did nothing?

Or will you look back and say, hey, I am a different, better, healthier, nicer person today because of what I have managed to do in the last year. In print and electronic form, the book is cheaper than 20 minutes in the gym, and much more fun.

More importantly, it will change your life by making you the expert in YOU, the best version of yourself, and help your family as well.

I’m just visiting your life, you are the one living it, so you know what works best. I give you a menu of alternatives that work – you do the rest. Start now. The rot starts early, so no matter how young you are, start now with the little things that make a huge difference. This is the road to peak performance, taking lessons from athletes and corporate executives who need to thrive each day....Enjoy!

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