Coaching Emotion

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Keeping clients engaged, and working with you

Getting people to engage with us and change their behavior substantially is not as simple as we might think. This work makes it simple.

Engaging and Retaining Clients in Healthy Behaviour Change: A guide to motivation for Personal Trainers and Coaches

Keeping your clients and athletes positively engaged in peak performance is a challenge.

In the third edition of this well-known book above, now retitled, Dr Sugarman expands on the science of how coaches and trainers keep clients involved with making meaningful changes to their lives without losing them.  This book is a must for any person involved in training others who wants a toolkit that allows them to coach emotion and evoke positive change in their clients. Dr Sugarman shows you how to create a warm relationship where people encounter their own resolve to change for the better, and stay with you when the going gets rough.

This book targets professional trainers and coaches, using vignettes taken from real-life encounters to help illustrate how client-centred coaching operates. Experts worldwide now acknowledge that Dr Sugarman's book is the gold standard against which professional trainers should measure their skills and use his techniques to grow their stables.  This special third edition entitled "Client-centred coaching: A trainer and coach's guide to motivating clients" is not the standard textbook for PTAGlobal internationally. It includes commentary from Rodney Corn and Bobby Cappuccio of PTA Global, with their take on how they have integrated my intellectual property into their offerings to trainees.

John Sinclair, of PTA Global Faculty wrote about my content: "I thought Ch 9 was brilliant! Your closing thoughts in Ch 10 are a mission statement to the entire fitness industry. I think it helps create a vision for what coaching is and what training is missing. Because of you, we have tangible solutions and systems that make trainers see how they can evolve. From taking this approach, I have doubled my business".

Aleks Maric, Australian Olympic Basketball Player (London 2012) and Centre with Lokomotiv Kuban wrote about being on the receiving end of this approach: "Dr Roy Sugarman is a true master of his craft and I am grateful to him...he has enabled me to find my inner strength both mentally and physically and managed to integrate the two to help me be at peak performance in all aspects of life."

"You will change the world with your generosity, your humility, your knowledge and by being YOU. Thank you again" Nicole Bosland, National Corporate Sales Manager, Fitness First Australia

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