Body & Brain Overhaul

Body & Brain Overhaul: The TV Series

In 2009 Dr Sugarman was invited to co-host an 8 part TV series for Channel OneHD, and Channel 10 in Australia by Paul Taylor, a colleague.

Deciding this would be fun, the two created a scenario where four Australians from various walks of life would be subjected to 8 weeks of body-brain optimization.

Taking lessons learned from peak athletes, Dr Sugarman and Paul Taylor took four participants through a series of themed challenges.

The four participants were:

  1. an ex-professional athlete with severe mental and physical health issues

  2. a housewife with her own expanding business, plagued by anxiety

  3. a boxing trainer with a few problems, and

  4. an elite business executive trying to balance his lifestyle: -- All of them advanced dramatically, as measured by carefully calibrated scientific instruments wielded by the hosts.

During the filming, Paul and Roy began to further adapt the integrated approach, which, across the next four years Dr Sugarman then developed to the point where he published his take on the optimisation of brain and body in: "Saving your life one day at a time: Seven ways to survive the modern world", a monograph published in 2013 by Heart Space Publications. This publication forms the core of Dr Sugarman's approach which he uses to take individuals through 2-3 day programs individually designed to get them to the best place in their lives. Both work and family life are enhanced by building integrated body and brain resilience. These principles now drive our commercial work-life hub:


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