Dr Sugarman specializes in the assessment of brain and emotion using state of the art computer-assisted administration and scoring. Assessment is one thing, but clinical decision support further helps professionals decide on the best rehabilitation strategies to engage with. Rapid and cost effective, these authors have commented:

In a review of over 70 studies, 4 features were identified as independent predictors of improved clinical practice:

94% of those that had all 4 features significantly improved clinical practice compared with only 46% of systems that lacked any one of these features.

Reference: Improving Clinical practice using clinical decision support systems: a systematic review of trials to identify features critical to success: Kensaku Kawamoto, Caitlin A Houlihan, E Andrew Balas, David F Lobach British Medical Journal, 14 March 2005 330

Level 7 Psychology provides detailed support via recommending interventions which suit the brain profiles produced, in both clinical and athletic settings. In practice, this involves a process of Screening, Streaming and Monitoring of outcomes using standardized assessments, which provide objective measures of treatment efficacy. Half and full day workshops in this methodology are available, with costs beginning at $3000.

What are the benefits of computerized testing over traditional pen and paper tests?

In 1987 the American Psychological Association identified six major benefits of computerized assessments including:

Reference: American Psychological Association (1987, Washington DC). Guidelines for computer-based tests and interpretation.