Level 7 Psychology

About Level 7 Psychology: Excellence in Peak Performance via mobile applications

Level 7 Psychology provides for body and brain vitality, derived from best-of-breed, evidence-based Clinical Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology informed practice, informing on Dr Sugarman's approach to peak performance psychology.

The finest internationally-renowned programs in  resilience building are of no use if no one uses them. Dr Sugarman has re-engineered established principles of motivational interviewing and self-determination theory to engage both healthy, and even less healthy individuals in meaningfully changing their health status, one step at a time.

The principles of applied neuroscience in psychology are the same, whether used by competitive athletes and their coaches, or high-level corporate leaders and their professional trainers, or just everyday people. Resilience is both a body and brain issue, with one dependent on the other.

Level 7 Psychology’s solutions draw on Dr Sugarman’s decades of experience as clinician and teacher to restore both healthy and damaged individuals to more resilient functioning, without major lifestyle adjustments, and a unique Neuroscience Model of engagement and retention in mobile applications.  

Level 7’s philosophy is based on the understanding that body and brain are a single functional system – each reliant on the other for vitality and success. Dr Sugarman’s approach integrates solutions that build resilience to the demands of daily life, and avoid a siloed approach that targets either mind or body separately, stigmatising mental illness in the process while ignoring the value of programs that benefit both body and brain as one.  He has showcased his ideas in "Saving your life one day at a time: Seven ways to survive the modern world" published  in 2013.  His applied work "Client Centered Coaching: A trainer and coach's guide to motivating clients" in it its third edition, and is the standard text for PTAGlobal's training internationally.

For individuals, corporate bodies, coaches, trainers, executives and workers, competitive athletes and anyone who wants to live at their highest level of functionality across the lifespan, Level 7 Psychology offers these integrated solutions tailored to build resilience – the source of wellbeing – so that body and brain are fully optimised.  Dr Sugarman also relies on the established science of Relational Frames Theory informing on process-based, 3rd generation Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  


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