Dr Roy Sugarman

Dr Roy Sugarman’s Biography:- Peak Performance Neuroscience

Dr Roy Sugarman is Director: Neuroscience for LifeIQ International and SeventeenHundred, part of the Mobecom Group, developing mobile platforms that engage and retain users in healthy behaviours, drawing on motivational science and his unique Neuroscience Model derived from this discipline.
He is a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society's Colleges of Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology, member of the Royal Charter of Psychologists in the UK, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Member of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Neuropsychology and Faculty of Paediatric Neuropsychology, and a member of the American Psychological Association. 

In the USA he is on the advisory boards of several USA-based entities: as Neuroscience lead with Social Health Innovations (Sydney and Delaware), Mind Experts International (Fla), as well as Director of Applied Neuroscience in the Performance Innovation Team of EXOS (Az).  In this last capacity he served as a mindset coach with the USA National Men's Soccer Team, as well as working with various Olympic and Club level athletes in multiple sporting settings including USF athletes and US Military Special Forces personnel. He is an advisor to FC11 in Australia and EyesRight in Atlanta USA. He is a foundation member of BoxSpring Entertainment in the UK. 

He is the author of two acclaimed books, “Saving your life one day at a time”, and  "Client-centred coaching: A trainer and coach's guide to motivating clients" (3rd ed), with PTAGlobal in the USA, now their standard textbook for training their clients in engagement skills. He is a contributor to various other works, including The Hecht Effect by Steve Hecht, and Every Day is Game Day, by Mark Verstegen, both noted luminaries in the peak performance world in which Dr Sugarman works internationally. He has had input into major corporations' corporate health including programs at IBM, Intel, Sheraton, Walgreens, Cisco, Sony, SAP, Wesfarmers, Google, Johnson and Johnson, United Health Group, Union Pacific Railroads, KFC, Qantas, Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association and others, historically including Aviva and Singapore Armed Forces, Sun Life in Manila and Orix in Japan, as well as FWD, Cigna, Ogilvy, Mazlo, Fitness First, Primal Fitness, Department of Education and the Environment, and other corporates and organisations worldwide.   

Dr Sugarman's clinical work continues in traumatic brain injury, mood and anxiety disorders in children and adults, and he serves as a Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry at UNSW, assisting with the assessment of candidates for medicine.  With numerous publications, Dr Sugarman has developed an integrated approach to achieving peak performance in both body and brain, contributing to the current state of the art in both rehabilitation and peak performance circles: showcased in his books and in the well received TV series, Body and Brain Overall on OneHD and Channel 10.  His online program "The neuroscience of Peak Performance", produced by EXOS Presents in the USA, has received critical acclaim.  He has contributed to other EXOS Works presentations promoting best practice in professional coaching circles.

Dr Sugarman works with individuals from his practice in Rose Bay, Australia with both clinical clients as well as high level executives and sporting bodies, building resilience through his integrated approach to body-brain optimisation, following the principles of ACT and Process-Based CBT.  He is currently the Director of Applied Neuroscience for Mobecom, a public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, supporting their 1700 app, the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology app, and LifeIQ, all of which advance the science of engagement and retention of users in healthy behaviours. 

His work with Social Health Innovations has led to the launch of 'Be A Looper', a mental health check-in app which was nominated for the Global Mobile Awards in Barcelona 2018 and winning several other awards, owing to the approach they have taken to monitor mental health and reduce the incidence of suicide. Dr Sugarman also serves as veteran's program director on the Banksia Project, a charity funded by Medibank, which provides support to traumatised Veterans in Australia.  Dr Sugarman is a regular contributor to Cigna's annual white paper on wellness, as well as Ogilvy's contribution to this worldwide study of wellbeing. 

Roy Sugarman